Z47 Virtual Processor

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The Z47 Virtual Processor is a Self-Contained Distributed Operating System (SCD-OS) of about 500K for all platforms. Z++ applications become processes of the Z47 Virtual Processor, which manages its own threads, processes, local and remote inter-process communications signals and exceptions without making system calls to the underlying operating system.

The Z47 Virtual Processor allows you to run Z++ applications that are created with Z++ Visual, and also includes built-in MYSQL database support for applications that require database access.

Z++ Visual is an all-in-one development tool that requires no confusing SDK's, API's, or emulators. The combination of the Z++ Visual IDE and the Z47 Virtual Processor provides developers with the ability to write software for multiple operating systems including desktop, enterprise, and mobile devices all with one easy to use tool.

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What makes the Z47 Virtual Processor unique

The Z47 Virtual Processor is a Self-Contained Distributed Operating System(SCD-OS) operating independently of the host Operating System.

The Z47 Virtual Processor manages its own processes, threads and inter-process communications. It does not create system processes or threads.

Z++ applications become distributed communicating processes among multiple Z47 Virtual Processors.

Allows Z++ applications to operate on multiple operating systems.

Designed to greatly reduce the need for multiple developers with expertise on multiple platforms.

Dramatically reduces development costs and time to market by allowing developers to focus on creating quality applications versus navigating OS dependencies.

Illustration for Z47 Architecture